About A & BB Rice Inc

Founded in 1994, A & BB Rice Inc is a privately held Canadian corporation based in Toronto, Canada. The company’s co-founder Mr. Ali Bilgen has been in the rice business since 1988. Unlike many other food brokerages in Canada, our company’s focus has always been on the rice business. We firmly believe that we provide a value proposition to our customers by specializing in rice.

Since its inception, A & BB Rice Inc has been the exclusive broker/agent of Riceland Foods Inc of Arkansas and Farmers’ Rice Coop of California in the Canadian market.

A & BB Rice Inc also works with selective mills from around the world in the area of specialty international rice varieties.

In 1996, A & BB Rice Inc expanded its business into the area of conventional and certified organic dry edible beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas and other agricultural commodities.  These products are complimentary to rice.  Many customers asked for the high level of service they were receiving with rice, on these products.

We contract directly with growers and processors to meet the exact requirements of our customers. Our strength lies in understanding our customers’ complex situations and finding the right solution. We are a customer service oriented company.

Our experience in agricultural commodities combined with our understanding of the North American market has allowed A & BB Rice Inc to become a leading rice brokerage and agricultural commodity trading company.

Today, our customer list includes many of the top retail, foodservice, industrial and re-packing customers in North America. Our conventional and organic food products are sold under many top brand names and private labels across the world.

Our staff is highly experienced in agricultural commodities with extensive knowledge in conventional and organic rice, wild rice, dry edible beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, barley, popcorn and other agricultural commodities.

A & BB Rice operates from its own premises on Bay Street in Toronto, Canada.